Karla Medina kmswimwear bikini one piece


Takes more than inspiration to pursue uniqueness. That’s what Cuban born and Boston resident Karla Medina set out to do when she launched KM Swimwear, a label brand designed to enhance and to fit seamlessly into any woman’s body.


Freshness and contemporary lines add to the mix in each piece crafted by this avid swimmer and ocean lover that plays with shapes and a palette of colors inspired by the corals’ array and sea elements. Self taught designer and an islander by nature, she relentlessly searched for flattering suits that blend with the ocean.


Flexibility and practicality are quintessential for Karla; there is an unexpected and exclusive design detail: The “UC”.A patent pending, customizing flexible element she has created to connect fabrics and artfully expose the body shape.

Nothing spells mundane in KM Swimwear.



Miami  FL 33186 USA



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