It takes more than an inspiration to produce the unique.  That’s what Cuban-born Boston resident Karla Medina set out to do when she launched KMswimwear, a label designed to enhance natural curves and to fit seamlessly with any woman’s body.  The brand launched KM Kids at the beginning of 2015. An islander by nature, Karla has been relentless in pursuit of her vision  -  unique designs that blend with the ocean as beautifully as they flatter the wearer. 

Freshness and contemporary lines are evident in each piece crafted by this avid swimmer and scuba diver.  Each plays with shapes and a palette of colors inspired by corals and other features evocative of tropical waters.

Added into the mix is an unexpected and exclusive design detail:  the UC, a patent pending, customizing element Karla has created to connect fabrics and artfully expose the body shape.   Mixing and matching elements produces a playfully customized result for every woman.   For real women.  For real bodies.  

The result is a ménage-de-trois of inspiration, flexibility, and practicality.

Nothing is mundane in KMswimwear.